CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.40 - Released 21 June 2023

3 New Features

  • Email Campaigns

    • Create and manage Email Campaigns with this new Campaign Suite feature:

      • Supports Survey Suite campaign surveys;

      • Supports Survey Filters;

      • Ability to send up to 2 reminders;

      • Ability to configure the sending period for the invitations;

      • Supports over 190 locales;

      • Build templates for primary survey invitation and reminder invitation emails utilizing a drag and drop editor with instant visual feedback.
        For more information, visit the support page.

  • Email Template Style Gallery

    • Create and manage Template Styles with this new System Admin feature:

      • Create up to 10 templates that can be used as starting points when creating and editing Email Campaigns in Campaign Suite.

      • We provide templates by CustomerGauge, created following best practices that you can use as starting points.
        For more information, visit the support page.

  • Email Senders

    • Create and manage Email Senders with this new System Admin feature:

      • Add and authorize your own domains;

      • Add email senders from your authorized domains;

      • Add and authorize email senders from an email inbox;

      • We provide a default CustomerGauge domain sender which does not support reply-to. It is highly recommended to use senders from your own domain, survey recipients will recognize your brand and response rate will increase.
        For more information, visit the support page.

15 Feature Improvements

  • Survey Suite

    • Prevented the same question from being added to the same survey multiple times.

    • Added (i) icon next to Survey Suite page title as a shortcut to the support page.

    • Added translations settings for NPS Comment and Additional Comment widgets.

    • Right-aligned languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and Hebrew are now aligned correctly.

  • Campaign Suite

    • Improved the creation of new campaigns where an error when saving a campaign was causing the filters to disappear.

    • Improved the Japanese translation for the Activation step where it was shown vertically.

    • Improved temporary success/error message in Campaigns

    • Added a header label to Primary and Reminders steps

    • We have aligned the search bar and active/inactive filter

  • Imports

    • We now allow users to clone Import Configurations.

    • We have made the Delivery Vector case insensitive when uploading.

    • We now show the Edit option disabled in Import Mapping for users that cannot edit it.

  • APIs

    • GET Response: We have added Locale to the API response.

    • GET Response: We have added CES, CSAT and Rating question types to the API response.

  • Login & SSO

    • When you get automatically logged out from Reports, you’ll now land on your specific SSO Login page.

4 Feature Fixes

  • Campaign Suite

    • Fixed an issue where second reminders were still sent after a survey has been responded to.

  • Survey Suite

    • Fixed an issue where CES questions were not loading in widgets filters

  • Imports

    • Fixed an issue where emails larger than 100 characters was causing file to fail to be imported

    • Fixed an issue where some uploads were failing due to Contact being duplicated

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