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By CustomerGauge

My Template Styles

        • New Template

        • Edit

        • Clone

        • Delete

Template Editor

       • Merge Tags in Template Body

       • Editor Tabs

       • Content Tools

This feature allows you to create starting points for your email templates. You may create several different templates to be used as bases for all Email campaigns in Campaign Suite.

Feature Notes:

  • You may create up to 10 styles.
  • The templates created with this feature are only starting points. Changes made to the templates here do not affect current campaign templates in any way.
  • Deleting a template in this feature only removes them from the list when selecting a Template Style in the Languages step in campaigns. It does not remove any saved templates in campaigns.

By CustomerGauge

This is a standard template built utilizing best practices. If you are unsure on how to build a template, this is the perfect one to use as a guide and make the changes appropriate for your brand and survey.

This template is not editable but you are able to clone it and make changes to the clone. Click on  and then click on Clone. Make sure you have an available slot in the My Template Styles section.

My Template Styles

Create up to 10 template styles to use as a base template when creating campaigns and adding new languages to a campaign.

New Template

1. Navigate to Settings → System Admin → System Settings → Survey & Campaigns → Template Style Gallery.

2. Click on New Template.

3. Fill in a Template Style Name and build your template.

4. Click on Save.


1. Find the template you'd like to edit and click on  .

2. Click on Edit.

3. After making all the changes, click on Save.

Important: Editing a style template does not affect templates saved in email campaigns.


1. Find the template you'd like to clone and click on  .

2. Click on Clone. After cloning, modify the name and template of the copy to avoid any confusion.


1. Find the template you'd like to clone and click on  .

2. Click on Delete.

3. Check the template name and if you are sure, click on Proceed.

Important: Deleting a style template does not remove any saved templates in campaigns.

Template Editor

Our email email editor gives you full control over the email design. It lets you customize every aspect of the email, from the layout to the content and images. You can use images, merge tags, and other elements to customize your email. You can also preview the email before sending.

This is a very straightforward editor that instantly shows you any changes you make and allows you to just drag elements from the panel on the right and drop them where you want them in the template.

Merge Tags in Template Body

Some built-in tools like Headings and Text provide a merge tag selector with all of our available merge tags. Alternatively you are able to manually add them to elements like the Button or hyperlink.

Merge TagDescriptionExample
{{event.survey_link}}Populates the Survey link
{{event.unsubscribe_link}}Populates the Unsubscribe link


Editor Tabs

In this tab you have access to multiple elements to build your template. A description of each element can be found on the next section.
In this tab you're able to choose different presets of columns to set up a layout for your template.

In this tab you're able to configure global settings for your template: Text Color; Background Color; Content Width; Content Alignment; Font Family; Font Weight; Preheader Text; and Links styling.
Font Family chosen in the body will affect all text in the template that has "Global Font" selected.
Preheader Text is the text after a subject line in an email.

In this tab you are able to search for Creative Commons Zero images from multiple sources.
In this tab you'll be able check issues with the design of your template.

Content Tools

It allows to add columns to your design in order to have a better design arrangement.
Settings: Background Color; Padding; Border; Content Background Color; Background Image. 
Add headings (from level 1-6) to the design.
Settings: Heading Type; Font Family; Font Weight; Font Size; Color; Text Align; Line Height; Padding.
Text is a built-in tool so you can add text to your designs.
Settings: Font Family; Font Weight; Font Size; Color; Text Align; Line Height; Padding. Additional styling can be done via the floating text options.
To make your emails attractive, you can add images. You may also crop or edit the image by clicking on Apply Effects.
Settings: Auto Width; Align; Alternate Text; Image Link; Padding.
Add any type of button in your email design. You must provide an URL or a merge tag that populates URLs in order for the button to behave properly.
Settings: Action Type; Text Color; Background Color; Auto Width; Font Family; Font Weight; Font Size; Alignment; Line Height; Padding; Border; Rounded Border.
It gives you appropriate spacing at any point you want in your design.
Settings: Width; Line; Align; Padding.
Adds an element to the template that can be used to write custom HTML. Beware that different email readers have varying levels of support for HTML content.
Adds the NPS scale to the template with scores ranging from 0 to 10.
Settings: Font Family; Padding; Low Score Text; High Score Text; Label Font Size; Scale Font Color; Border Radius; Scale Button Color.