CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.24 - Released 20 October 2022

3 New Features

  • New Widget

    • NPS Pivot Trend - This new widget provides a view of NPS or Responses over time for up to 10 values of a chosen segment, empowering you to visualize how values of a segment compare with each other.

      • This widget comes with the standard date and survey filters with IS and IS NOT operators and also the global data access restriction setting. For more information, visit the support page.

  • New Search Type

    • Failed Records Search - You are able to search through failed records and also limit your search adding data to several search fields, selecting date range and also survey filters. For more information, visit the support page.

  • Delete Survey Record

    • You are able to delete a survey record directly from the Survey Record Page with this new feature. For more information, visit the support page.

10 Feature Improvements

  • Manage Survey Records

    • The speed in which the records are deleted has been improved.

  • Close the Loop

    • You are now able to close a case without leaving a note.

  • UX/UI

    • Improved responsiveness of the Comment widget in Survey Record Page for smaller resolutions.

    • Increased the clickable range for Save and Cancel buttons when editing Record Details at the Survey Record Page.

    • The Follow up Details information is now shown in Record Details at the Survey Record Page when it has data.

    • Field names are now shown alongside its label in the Field Settings in System Admin.

    • Improved the consistency of additional settings field sizes for several widgets.

    • Increased the height of the Drivers and Survey Questions widgets at the Survey Record Page.

  • Widgets

    • Choice Questions Column - This widget now shows the percentage for each column shown.

    • NPS Pivot Table - This widget now has the access restriction (global data) setting.

2 Feature Fixes

  • Widgets

    • Solved an issue where Pivot Table and Drivers Pivot Table widgets allowed the user to add the same columns twice when editing the widgets after saving the dashboard.

  • Survey Record Page

    • Survey Questions - Solved an issue where survey questions characters that had accents were not decoded correctly.

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