NPS Pivot Trend widget allows you to track NPS or Responses over time for up to 10 segment values.

Widget notes:

  • You are able to drill down on each data point and export all data
  • This widget has the global data access restriction option
  • You can choose up to 10 lines (values of a segment)

Adding the Widget

Add the widget to your report clicking on New Widget and navigating to NPS or searching for NPS Pivot Trend.

Group by Settings:

Date: This setting will show data based on date and create data points based on the selected group dates by option.

Possible values: Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year.

Additional Settings:

Line Segment: Choose the segment the lines will be based on.

Lines: Choose up to 10 values to populate the chart data. Each value is shown as a line in the chart.

Metric: Choose the metric that the chart will show.

Possible values: NPS or Responses