CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.21 - Released 08 September 2022

3 New Features

  • New Survey Record Page

    • This page has been specially designed to provide a view of key areas of a survey record that one needs to be aware of and the actions that need to be taken.

      • It can be accessed by drilling down on a CGID from anywhere in the system.
        Get a complete tour of this feature in the support page.

  • New Contact Page

    • This page allows you to view the details of a contact, the score history, survey sending history and all comments.

      • To access it, click on the name of the contact in the Survey Record page and  a quick side panel will open.

      • If you’d like more information click on the Contact Page button to access the full page.
        Get a complete tour of this feature in the support page.

  • System Admin

    • Currency: You are now able to choose the currency to be shown on reports system-wide. Navigate to System Admin > System Settings > Reports > Currency to access this feature.

3 Feature Improvements

  • System Admin

    • Delete Survey Records: Several UX improvements have been made in this feature to make it easier for you to use.

  • Translation

    • More features have been translated for the following languages: French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

  • Widgets

    • Reviews Table: This widget has been reworked and you are now able to group its data by Segments, enable global data access restriction and apply survey filters.

3 Feature Fixes

  • Workflow Alerts

    • New Bounce: solved an issue where the Bounce Report button in the default template did not redirect to the SSO login page.

      • Please Note: this fix only applies to rules created after this release, your existing rules will still redirect to the same address, if you’d like to have the email alert redirect to the SSO login page, please create a new rule.

    • New Response: Solved an issue where alerts set up with IS NOT filter would not trigger if the filtered segment was empty.

  • Search

    • Solved an issue where searching for Non Responses would also include results for Failed Records.