CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.16 - Released 29 June 2022

3 New Features

  • New Delivery Vector

    WhatsApp Campaigns 

    • A brand new way to survey: Create and manage campaigns to send through WhatsApp.

      • Consult your Account Manager for pricing and onboarding information.

      • Visit the support page for a guide through the new function.

  • New Reporting Widget

    • Tags Summary: Visualize the rate of responses with and without Tags or the rate of comments with and without Topics.

      • This widget comes with IS and IS NOT filter operators.

      • Visit the support page for more information.

  • New Recommended Report

    • Segments Overview: This report provides an overview of NPS, Responses and Close the Loop information distributed across Segments of your choice.

11 Feature Improvements

  • Quick Search

    • Several adjustments have been made to improve Quick Search usability.

  • Recommended Reports

    • The recommended report Responses Report update has been rolled out to all systems that still had the older version.

    • The NPS Report, NPS Frequency and the NPS Evolution recommended reports have been replaced by the more informative NPS Overview report.

    • The NPS Segment and the Individual Loyalty Spectrum recommended reports have been replaced by the more informative Segments Overview report.

  • Widgets

    • Delivery Score: you are now able to use both IS and IS NOT filter operators with this widget.

  • WhatsApp Campaigns

    • WhatsApp campaigns are now able to send reminders.

    • Several UI improvements have been made to WhatsApp Campaigns.

  • Data Transport

    • Data Transport widgets have had the “All” delivery method updated to include WhatsApp.

  • UX

    • A cancel button has been added in the Single Sign-On creation and edit pages.

    • Several widgets have had their description updated to be more in line with other similar widgets.

    • Updated Close the Loop Speed widget colors to be consistent with the other widgets in the platform.

3 Feature Fixes

  • Usage

    • Solved an issue where SMS by Country widget would not count sent SMS that failed to reach a recipient.

  • Login

    • Solved an issue where the login screen image would be zoomed in while in the MFA step.

  • Widgets

    • Close the Loop Speed: fixed a typo in the widget’s description.