The goal of this widget is to track the coverage of Accounts and Revenue by providing an overview of your universal accounts or revenue combined with the surveyed amount out of these totals.

Widget notes:

  • The widget shows the absolute total revenue or accounts and the amount that has been surveyed out of these totals. Only accounts with surveys that have been successfully delivered are taken into consideration.
  • This widget has the global data access restriction option.

Adding the Widget

Add the widget to your report by clicking on +New Widget and navigating to Monetized or searching for Coverage %.

Additional Settings


Type: Accounts, Revenue

Total accounts / Total Revenue: This field allows you to add the total value of Accounts or Revenue you have outside of your system to better reflect your actual customer base. In case this is not filled we will use the total amount of Accounts/Revenue present in CG, disregarding any type of filtering or access restriction.

Target rate (%): This is an info field that allows you to put a value from 1 to 100% to help track your target goal against the current coverage.

Revenue date type (if Revenue type is selected): This field allows you to choose the year of the Revenue that the widget will be based on. The options are Current Year, Previous Year and Select Year.

Revenue Year (if Revenue type is Selected Year): This field allows you to specify the year of the Revenue that the widget will be based on.