The goal of this widget is to track the current health of your surveyed accounts and the revenue they represent by  categorizing them as Safe, At Risk or Unknown.

Widget notes:

  • Only Accounts with revenue are included.

  • Only accounts with surveys that have been successfully delivered are taken into consideration.
  • You are able to drilldown on the numbers and see a list of all the accounts. You are also able to export the whole list by clicking on the download icon on the top right corner of the drilldown.
  • This widget has the global data access restriction option.

Adding the Widget

Add the widget to your report by clicking on +New Widget and navigating to Monetized or searching for Account Health.

Additional Settings:

Revenue date type: This field allows you to choose the year of the Revenue to be populated. Possible values are Current Year, Previous Year and Select year.

Select year (if Revenue type is Select Year): This field allows you to specify the year of the Revenue that the widget will be based on.