Feedback can be hard to follow up on, especially for detractors. Gaugie AI, our artificial intelligence engine, comes to the rescue, so you can be the superhero your customers need!

Gaugie AI helps analyses a survey response and generates a suggested follow-up email message. The NPS Score, selected NPS Drivers, and NPS Comment of the respondent get used to generate the suggestion, in the language the survey was responded in.

  • Click the Copy icon to copy the suggested text to your clipboard.
  • Click the Send icon to open the suggested text in your default email client.

Requirements & Availability


  • No customer data will be sent to our AI partner.
  • The provided information will not be used for training purposes by our AI partner.
  • The NPS, NPS Drivers, or NPS Comment questions (and their answers) will be provided to our AI partner. If your brand name is reflected in these items, they will be shared with our AI partner as part of the prompt.