• Mexico City timezone: Currently MySQL has not updated the changes to daylight saving time in Mexico City which causes the time to be shown 1 hour ahead in the platform. This only happens during the period that the daylight saving time used to be in effect.
  • Self-Select Report & Waterfall Report: A very long Driver (Self-Select reason) label name might cause a blank space above the Category Name. This will not impact your report usage in any way.

  • Reporting Widget - HTML widget: To add anything into the HTML widget you need to first add the widget and then edit.

Digital Signage

  • Comment Duration: The Comment Duration setting on the Comment Carousel is not being applied if the Slide Duration is not configured.
    Workaround: ensure there is a value set in Slide Duration before configuring the Comment Duration setting.
  • Comment Translations: Comment Translations not applied on the Comment Carousel, displaying the Comment in its original language if using the default value.
    Workaround: Switch the "Show Translations" setting to "No", and then back to "Yes".
  • Profanity Filter: In some very rare cases, the Profanity Filter is not being applied on Comments in the Comment Carousel