The Workflow History logs information on triggered alerts that have happened in the last 90 days and shows the information ordered from most recent to oldest.

Information in Workflow History

In Workflow History you are able to identify which rules have been triggered along with useful information of the event:

Status: Shows whether a workflow action has been successful or failed.
Reference: Shows the CGID of the record which triggered the workflow rule.
Rule Name: Shows the name of the workflow rule.
Trigger Date: Shows the date that the workflow rule was triggered.
Action (New Response only): Shows the type of action. It can be Case (for open/assign cases) or Email (for email alerts).
Recipients (New Response only): Shows the email of the user which received the alert or has been assigned the case.

Workflow History Search

The search function in Workflow History allow you to find records across all pages. The system will look for CGID, workflow rule name, recipients email and any content that might have appeared in the email body of the alert.