Drivers Trend widget allows you to track the evolution of your Drivers over time. You can view this information for every driver individually.

Adding the Widget

Add the widget to your report clicking on New Widget and navigating to Widget Type or searching for Widget Name

Additional Settings


Group dates by:

This setting allows you to choose which period type you group your data by.

Available choices are "Use general settings value", "Day", "Week", "Month", "Quarter", or "Year".

When choosing "Use general settings value", the period from the "Group dates by" setting in the report's Settings tab gets used.



On the right Y-axis, can choose 1 percentage-based metrics.

Available choices are "NPS Contribution", "Count" or "All %"

Remaining settings

Filter by Loyalty: 

On the Y-axis, can choose up to 3 percentage-based metrics.

Available choices are "Promoter %", "Passive %", "Detractor %"

Drivers Grouping: 

On the Y-axis, can choose "Individual drivers" or "Combined Drivers"

Drivers to Display:

On the Y-axis, can choose the Display options: "Only Primary Drivers", "Only Secondary Drivers",  "Choose a Specific Primary Driver" or "Choose Drivers"

Order by:

You can order by Alphanumeric, or Metric (any of the displayed metrics).

Order direction:

This can be set to either Ascending or Descending.

Alphanumeric: Ascending means A to Z, whereas Descending means Z to A.

Metric: Ascending means Low to High, whereas Descending means High to Low.


This setting allows you to choose how many segment values get displayed on the Y-axis, by default it's set to 10.

'Other reasons' & 'Other contributing factors'

“Other contributing factors” cover the records where no reasons have been selected, ensuring that the sum of all NPS contributions adds up to the total NPS.

"Other reasons" refers to self-select reasons which are not displayed in the widget because they exceed the maximum number of self-select reasons asset in the widget edit mode.