This widget allows the visualization of the amount of each selected Secondary driver distributed inside its Primary driver.

  • You are able to filter in and out each Level 1 driver just by clicking on their respective legend that can be found in the bottom of the chart. The chart will be updated instantly to reflect the changes.
  • Hover over each small bubble to see Level 2 drivers information.
  • This widget is ordered by the highest amount of responses to the lowest.
  • You are able to visualize up to 20 Level 1 drivers.
  • Filters can be applied for your specific needs.
  • Bubble size increases and decreases depending on the amount of responses.
  • This widget is able to filter by drivers

Additional Settings

Page Size: This setting changes the amount of bubbles shown. The possible values are 5, 10, 15 and 20.

Interaction with Drivers Filter

Since a person can choose multiple drivers, filtering a specific driver will also show the other drivers that were selected. This empowers you on identifying relations between different drivers.