Anyone that has ever dealt with data knows that things can get complicated very quickly. Data points change over time, and are not always consistent. This causes severe data quality issues down the line. Luckily, we now anticipate these issues and help you resolve them. Here’s how:

Field Settings

Found under System Settings, Field Settings allow System Administrators to add/rename fields to the Accounts, Contacts, and Survey record objects. When added, fields can also become a Filter using the Filter Settings, also found under System Settings.

Adding fields to Accounts, Contacts, and Survey records help establish structure in your data. Where previously all data existed in CustomerGauge as part of a single survey record, CustomerGauge grew to become much more structured instead. There are many fields that belong to both Accounts and Survey records, or both Contacts and Survey records, and CustomerGauge supports that too. Take a field representing ‘Account Manager’ for example; when situated on the Accounts object, it tells you who the current Account Manager is. When you look at a survey however, you’d want to know who the Account Manager at the time of the survey was.


Are fields in the wrong place? If you’ve been with us for a while we may need to help and configure your system for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out, and we’ll set up your system the way you need it to. Just let us know which field belongs to which object and we’ll move it for you!

Account Imports

Now that your Field Settings have been set up you’d want to upload your Accounts, and all the data that belongs to them. The Account Imports can be found under Data → Imports. Uploading Accounts with their additional data will enrich your Accounts so that you can utilise the filters in your Accounts Reporting. 

The Accounts upload uses Import Configurations — these are preconfigured sets of settings that indicate how a file should be interpreted. This is great if you’re uploading data from multiple different systems, or have different business units, each with their own set of fields to import. 

Account Aliases & Merge

Data can easily get messy — either during import, or at an earlier point in time. How or when this happened doesn’t matter. You can clean up your data in CustomerGauge using our Account Merge, found under System Settings → Manage Accounts.

Account Merge allows you to assign data belonging to one Account (Source) to another Account (Destination), removing the Source Account in the process. Merging an Account also automatically creates an Account Alias, linking the Source Account to the Destination Account, causing all future imports referencing the Source Account be imported into the Destination Account instead.