Click on the Search icon in the left Menu to open the Search function.

Then, either type in the data you would like to find and click on Non Responses or go to Advanced Search.

Non Responses Search

Non Responses are surveys that haven't been answered yet.

Search Form

In order to search for a record, add the search criteria to any of the standard options presented on the Search Fields form. For example CG ID or First Name.

Standard Search Fields:

  • You can input multiple search options in a single search field input box
  • The criteria applied within a search parameter is "OR". For Example First Name is Jacke or Trish
  • The search criteria applied between search parameters is "AND". For Example First Name is Jacke and Last Name is Rogers

Date Criteria

You can add a date criteria to limit your search to within a particular date range. 

This is optional parameter and not mandatory for your search. If you do not add a date criteria, all the records that match your search criteria will be presented to you (all time).

Segment Criteria

You can also add a Segment Filter to further narrow your search criteria to include a segment or a combination of segments. This can help you fine tune your search results to get the records you are looking for. 

The Segment filters work exactly like your report filters. The options available in your search criteria are the same in the report filters.

Search Results

The search results that meet your criteria are immediately presented to you as shown below.  The Search results are ordered from newest first. You can click on the date to sort it.

If the search criteria does not meet your needs you will need to clear the form and start the search again.

If you are looking to search for accounts or responses, click on the link below.