NPS Target widget helps you set and track how you or your team is performing against targets.

  • You can set the Target on shared Dashboards so all your users can see the same target.
  • Any user who can create reports can add to their NPS Target widget to their reports and add their own Targets. 
  • By using our filters you can combine different parts of your business and have different Targets for each one of them.
  • This widget is able to filter by drivers

How to add the widget?

To add this widget to your report go to Add Widget → NPS → NP Target

Widget Properties:

  • The widget loads by default with a 6 Width X 3 Height size. You can change it in the Widget properties of the Widget properties.  
  • You can also choose the update the name of the widget to add more details - For example NPS Target - USA Relationship Campaign

Date/Segment Filter Setting:

  • The widget comes with standard Date and Segment filter settings
  • The widget allows "IS NOT" criteria in Segment filtering

Additional Setting:

  • NPS Target: This setting allows you to configure your NPS Target. This target is set on a widget level, so you can have a different target for different parts of your business using our filtering capabilities.