Response Rate Target widget helps you set your targets and see how you and/or your team is performing against them. 

Widget notes:

  • You can set the Target on shared Dashboards so all your users can see the same target and anyone that can create reports can add to their reports and add their own Targets. 
  • By using our filters you can combine different parts of your business and have different Targets for each one of them.

Adding the Widget

Add the widget to your report clicking on New Widget and navigating to Widget Type or searching for Widget Name

Date/Segment Filter Settings:

  • The widget comes with standard Date and Segment filter settings
  • The widget allows "IS NOT" criteria in Segment filtering

Additional Settings:

Response Rate Target %: 

  • This setting allows you to configure what is your target for Response Rate %. 
  • This target is set on a widget level, so you can have a different target for different parts of your business using our filtering capabilities.

Metric calculation:

  • Responses: Number of surveys answered. The rate is calculated dividing the # of Responses by # of Delivered. The Response Rate includes all responses even No Scores.