How can I be sure that my survey response is REALLY confidential?

This answer is for employees taking the CustomerGauge eNPS surveys. Be assured - your data is always confidential, and sometimes it's also completely anonymised. What's the difference?


In this type of survey we don't capture your personal information at all. The responses are confidential, and they are also totally anonymous. No one will know if you took the survey, or if you didn't. 

This survey is designed for maximum anonymity. All respondents get the same URL link. So your answer is completely not connected to any database source, and we don't record any details of who you are. Your browser is not "cookied", data is stored in a database that is unique to your company - it's not mixed with any other organizations.  

The staff who are sending this survey and reporting on your response are not able to identify you - except by the answers you give. So if you put you name in the text box, of course you can be identified!

This type of survey has some advantages for the company (fast and easy to setup) and for the employee (maximum security)

How to tell: If your URL link looks like one of these, you can't be tracked, and the company does not know if you have responded or not.

As such, you can be sure that your answers are treated in strict confidence. CustomerGauge has 10 years of experience with some of the World's largest companies - and privacy is key to everything we do.