Favorites allow you to quickly navigate to your most important Reports or to complete the reporting story needed on your daily activities.

For more information about the permissions, access this article.

How to access?

You can set up these configurations in the Settings -> System Admin > System Settings -> Reports -> Favorite Reports .

This feature is restricted to Global Admins only. If you are a Global Admin but don't know how to access this page, please contact your CSM and they can show you. 

How to set it up - Controlled Favorites:

1. Go to the System Settings → Reports

2. Click on Favorite Reports

3. Add the reports for the roles you want to have favorites on their menu. (Note: They cannot change the reports you add)

4. Just press Save and your users will have the favorites you configured for them!

How to set it up - Personal favorites:

1. Go to the System Settings → Favorite Reports

2. Enable the toggle to Allow them to configure their own favorite reports.

3. Just press Save and your users will be able to configure their favorites! (You can still add some as preselected options for them if you'd like; the user will be able to decide whether to keep or remove them and will have the option to add their own, without any impact to other users).