You can easily add reports to your Favorites section on your menu!

The Favorites Section on your menu allow you to quickly navigate to your most important reports straight from your Menu or to have complete the reporting story needed for your daily activities at your fingertips.

How it works:

  • Functionality can be Admin Control (Admin decides tabs for users) or User Controlled (user decides their own)
  • It is possible to turn on for all user roles or only for specific user roles
  • It cannot be activated for specific users, only for entire roles
  • Only Admins with no access restriction can activate it from the Data Admin Section of your Application
  • A User can add up to 7 reports to Favorites list


Admin Controlled Favorites

  • The System Admin decides which roles can have Favorites
  • The System Admin can choose the reports to be displayed as Favorites for that particular user role. 
  • For example Admin Role can have a different set of reports on their Favorites versus the User Role.

Personal Favorites

  • The System Admin decides which roles can personalize their Favorites view
  • This allow users to choose which reports/dashboards should be Favorites
  • The Favorite reports are completely personal, no other user will have access to your personal Favorites.
  • If you wish to return to your Admin chosen Favorites, just delete all your Favorites you have added and reload the page!

How to Setup?

To learn how to set it up, click here.