NPS Summary widget provides an overview of NPS metrics and auxiliary Responses metrics in a compact view. 

Widget notes:

  • NPS: Shows the Net Promoter Score the calculation is (Number of Promoters - Number of Detractors)/Responses. Please note that the number of responses can contain No Scores.
  • Detractors, Passives and Promoters: Number of responses for each of these loyalties.
  • Comments: Number of responses that wrote a comment.
  • The number of Passives do not include "No scores"
  • The drill down exports all data
  • This widget has the global data access restriction option

Adding the Widget

Add the widget to your report clicking on New Widget and navigating to NPS or searching for NPS Summary.

Date/Segment Filter Settings:

  • The widget comes with standard Date and Segment filter settings
  • The widget allows "IS NOT" criteria in Segment filtering

Metrics calculation:

  • Delivered: Number of invitations successfully delivered to customers.
  • Responses: Number of surveys answered. The rate is calculated dividing the # of Responses by # of Delivered. The Response Rate includes all responses even No Scores.