When testing new Campaigns in a live system it is likely that duplicate invite checking will be turned on for your system. This can make it difficult to send more than one test email in the duplicate hold out period. 

One simple approach to overcome this issue is to use "plus addressing" for testing. 

Most email clients, such as Gmail or Outlook 365, have the feature of being able to add "+" and a string to the email address and have the email delivered to the same email account. But the change will overcome the CustomerGauge duplicate checking system and be delivered as normal. This can also be used to differentiate the different tests you're looking to do.

For example if you wanted to send 3 test invites you could use the following approach:




The email client will ignore the "+test1" part of the address and all three will be delivered to the myaddress@gmail.com account. Because they are different address they will not be caught in the CustomerGauge duplicate check.

Remember to delete the test responses when you have finished.