This API will delete a hierarchy level from your Hierarchy in CustomerGauge.

Good to know

API response format:

Our APIs return data in either JSON or XML format (depending on request by .json or .xml).

Deleting hierarchy nodes:

You can only delete the lowest hierarchy nodes (nodes without children).

Referencing deleted hierarchy nodes:

Prior to deletion, please make sure any hierarchy nodes you want to delete are not referenced on survey records, report filters, campaigns, etc.

Failure to do so will result (but may not be limited to) the following:

  • For survey records; records will only show up for Global users
  • Report filters; this filter value will be ignored
  • Campaigns; no match will be found with templates having the deleted hierarchy node

About this API

Resource Information

Response formats
JSON (default), XML
HTTP Method
Response family
Authorization: api_key XXXXX

Resource URL

Europe Production Server:

US Production Server:

Australia Production Server:

How to call


division - required
replacement-division - required

Example Request

To call this API through cURL:

curl -H "Authorization: api_key XXXXX" -X DELETE -d division=Amsterdam

Example Result

Message reported on successful operation:

  "Data": {
    "message": "Division has been deleted successfully."

Message reported on failed operation:

  "Error": {
    "Message": "Required field 'division' not supplied",
    "Message": "Required field 'replacement-division' not supplied"
    "Code": 300004

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