This API returns the “unsubscribe” list – this is a “stop list” generated by end customers clicking on the the “Unsubscribe” link in the email.

It blocks the future sending of emails to that address. You can also add emails to this list using the POST Unsubscribe method.

Good to know

API response format:

Our APIs return data in either JSON or XML format (depending on request by .json or .xml). Only 100 records are returned in each call, increment the start parameter by 100 to fetch the next 100 from the list.

About this API

Resource Information

Response formats
JSON (default), XML
HTTP method
Response family
Authorization: api_key XXXXX

Resource URL

Europe Production Server:

US Production Server:

Australia Production Server:

How to call


optional only if date_range_to is also not used. 
Filter the data from date
Example Values: 2012-09-01
optional only if date_range_from is also not used.
Filter the data to date
Example Values: 2012-10-01
default: 0
Example Values: 10

Example Requests

GET (json)

GET (xml)

To call this API through cURL:

curl -H "Authorization: api_key XXXXX" -X GET

Example Result

Message reported on successful operation:

         "Date":"2011-05-11 16:37:10",
          "Date":"2011-05-11 16:37:14",
           "Date":"2012-09-17 15:06:15",
           "Date":"2012-10-12 17:59:39",

Message reported on failed operation:

  "Error": {
    "Message": "Record does not exist",
    "Code": 400401

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