CustomerGauge has the advanced feature of displaying reports in a "Hierarchy" format. (NB this is a premium option - contact the CSM team for details) 

This allows you great deal of flexibiliity:

  • Present a company’s internal organization in CustomerGauge
  • Determine data access accordingly

  • Adapt your analysis as your company changes and grows

Benefits of Hierachy:

  • Dig deep into individual performance by division/team and look at each level of your company using CustomerGauge’s Hierarchy Report.

  • Customize data access so information is provided on a position-based level. Agents only see their own data, mid-level managers see their team’s data and upper management receive the company-wide view.

  • Easily set up new organization layers, such as management. 

  • View NPS scores, response rates, and more from the executive level to customer service with the Hierarchy Filter/Picker.

How to setup Hierarchy:

Our CSM team can help you with the setup of the Organizational Hierarchy or this can be done directly by you using our API's

Full details are listed below, with a sample file.