Should I use a sender number or alphanumeric sender ID?

We normally recommend that you use a local phone number as a sender. It will reassure your customer to see a local number, and this way they will be able to use the 'STOP' functionality, meaning they can reply 'STOP' to the SMS in order to be unsubscribed. Please note however that your choice of sender number or sender ID may be determined by local laws and regulations.

Why do I not see a sender number or sender ID in the SMS Editor dropdown?

We need to purchase sender numbers from our SMS partner Nexmo, so perhaps we haven't received the number yet. Please log a support ticket with your Customer Success Manager in order to request a sender number or ID to be added.

How do I choose to send SMS messages rather than emails to my customers?

If you have SMS activated in your system, any customer records you upload without email address but with mobile phone number will receive an SMS instead of an email. The principle is that email is the preferred method of communication, and only if you do not have your customer's email address would an SMS be sent. Of course if you prefer to send SMS invitations to your customers you can simply leave out their email addresses from your data upload.

What happens if I (accidentally) try to send an SMS invite to a landline number?

Default Setting: Our system will not differentiate mobile numbers from landline numbers. Hence we will accept landline numbers and attempt to send an SMS invitation. Whether the message can be delivered depends on the carrier (the landline service provider). Some carriers support SMS delivery on compatible handsets, some convert the message to voice and deliver it via a phone call. In many cases however, the message will simply fail. It will still count towards your SMS limit, so unless you know for certain that SMS messages can be delivered to landline numbers in your area, you should make sure you do not upload landline numbers for SMS delivery.

Number Validation Functionality: Add-on functionality to automatically validate your data prior to sending SMS's. This functonality comes with corresponding reporting. Please contact your CSM to receive a quote for this functionality.

Can I send a reminder SMS?

Yes, Please contact you CSM to have this functionality turned ON for you. Reminders will also count towards your SMS bundle.