Drivers, or self-select reasons, are tick boxes allowing the customer to quickly indicate which aspects of your products or services primarily influenced their opinion. You can edit your survey's drivers with the Drivers Editor, which you can find in the menu under Campaigns.

The primary drivers should indicate main categories (like 'Customer support'); secondary drivers can be used to add further differentiation (like 'Issue awareness' or 'Solution timeliness') which fall under the primary category.

Add a new primary driver using the button at the top right of the page.

The main Driver label of each driver is used for (internal) reporting purposes throughout the tool and should ideally be a short and neutral phrase like "Solution timeliness". If you wish, you can display a different label to Promoters on the one hand and Passives/Detractors on the other. The Promoter label might use a positive phrase like "The solution was reached quickly", while the Passive & Detractor label would suggest room for improvement, e.g. "It took too long to reach a solution". 

New secondary drivers may be added by clicking the plus sign inside the primary driver box.

Clicking the edit icon will allow you to edit the label the customer sees in the survey. If you have multiple languages activated in your system, the edit box is also where you add translations for the various languages.

Note: If you edit the text of a driver, do be aware that it'll make it look like people who selected that driver previously had selected it with the new text. Therefore, only ever edit to make minor wording adjustments where the meaning stays the same. If the meaning behind the driver is going to change significantly, best to deactivate and create a new driver.

You can change the order of the primary drivers in relation to each other, or the order of the secondary drivers under a particular primary driver, by using the drag-and-drop icon towards the left of the page.

If you want to retire a particular driver, you can disable it using the toggle on the right. Disabling simply removes the driver from your customer's survey while you continue to be able to report on older data related to the driver. To make a driver visible again in the survey, simply click the toggle again.

When you are editing your survey, you will see the "Drivers" survey widget: this allows you to determine which drivers are visible for that particular survey. See the how to Edit a Survey for more information.

If you're not sure which drivers to use, read Defining your self-select reasons (drivers).