Where can I find the Survey Builder?

Navigation Menu -> Delivery Manager-> Survey Column

How can I create a survey?

A pre-designed survey has been made available for your use. You can modify the text and add/remove widgets to suit your requirements.

Where can I upload the survey logo?

To upload a logo – click on the Upload Survey Logo link that is found on the main page of the Survey Builder. Choose the upload option, select the logo you wish to upload and double click on the image to confirm the upload. We recommend a logo size of 680 (width) and 90 (height) pixels to be used.

To resize the logo, right click on the logo and select the Resize option. Once you have completed resizing your logo, a new logo image will be created with the new dimensions. To use this logo you will need to select the logo again in the upload option box and double click to confirm.

Please note: you can also upload an individual logo for a particular survey using the Survey Logo Widget. You can add an image link in the widget, or ask your CSM to add it for you. Please do not attempt to use the general 'Upload Survey Logo' button to update a logo for an individual survey, as that button will apply across all your surveys!

Where can I modify the survey footer?

The survey footer text can be changed in the Configure section of the survey. In the Configure section, you can also upload a survey logo and provide a survey title. You can also add the Survey Footer widget to a specific survey if you would like the footer to deviate from the standard general footer.

How can I add a survey page?

A survey page can be added by clicking on the + symbol found in the main survey builder page.

Can I delete a survey page?

A survey page can be deleted by clicking on the Delete symbol found against the survey page.

Can I change the survey page order?

The survey page order can be changed by using the Page Order icon found against the survey page to drag the page either up or down.

Where can I preview the survey I created?

The survey can be previewed by clicking on the Preview Survey option found in the main page of the Survey Builder. To preview an individual survey page click on the preview symbol found against the survey page.

Where can I add/edit the Self-Select reasons in the survey?

To add or edit the Self-Select reasons please use the L1/L2 Editor.

Navigation Menu-> Setup -> L1/L2 Editor


Is there a limit to the number of times a widget can be used in a survey? 

In the Add a widget drop-down option, next to the survey widget name you will be able to see the number of times the widget has been used vs. the total number available. If you have reached your limit you will not be able to select the widget.


Can I change the order of the survey widgets on a survey page once I have created a survey?

Yes. All you need to do is drag the widget to the required location using the icon found near the name of the survey widget.


Am I able to use a rating scale other than 0 to 10 for the NPS question?

No. The NPS question currently only has the option to choose the 0 to 10 scale. However, you can use 0 to 10 or 1 to 5 rating scale for the Customer Satisfaction question and the Additional Rating questions.


Can I use one of the additional rating widgets for my NPS question?

No. Please use only the NPS question widget for the NPS question on the survey to be able to make full use of all the reporting available in the platform. The additional rating question reporting can only be seen using the Report Designer.


Can I change the rating scale from 1 - 5 to 0 - 10 or vice versa after I have sent out the survey?

You will be able to change the rating scale for the customer satisfaction question or additional rating question after you have sent out a survey provided you do not have any responses to the survey and no one is currently taking the survey. You will not be able to change the rating scale once you have a response to your survey.


I accidentally deleted my survey widget. Will I lose all the responses attached to it?

No. You will not lose the responses received for a survey question if you delete the survey widget. You can add the same widget again but it will not be reported as the same widget as the previous one. It will be considered as a new question.


What is the HTML Box?

The HTML Box allows you to include text with HTML code in your survey. For example, use this widget if you wish to have an introduction to your survey - “Welcome to CustomerGauge Customer Survey”.


What is the Button widget?

The Button widget allows you to add custom text for the navigation buttons of your survey. A button will not appear on the last page of your survey even if it is shown in the survey builder.


What is the Input Box Widget?

The Input Box widget can be used when you want to ask a question that does not require a lot of text in the response.


What is the Survey Header Title?

Use this to give a title to your survey. It will be shown in the tab of the browser when viewing the survey.


I would like to have a drop-down option box on my survey. Which widget should I use?

For drop-down, check box or radio button option, you can use the Single or Multiple question survey widget.


Can I make answering a survey question mandatory?

Yes. For some of the survey widgets it is possible to make it mandatory for the customer to answer the question. You will need to check the square box on the right corner of the survey widget and you also need to provide an error text. This error text will be shown when your customer tries to go to the next page of the survey without answering the mandatory question.


Can I edit the survey in multiple tabs at the same time?

We do not recommend doing this, as conflicts might arise between the tabs. We recommend only using the Survey Builder in a single tab.