User Types

Modified on: Thu, 3 Jan, 2019 at 3:36 PM

Workflow User

The workflow user has access to the firefighting and workflow aspects of the CustomerGauge system and have their own Dashboard. They are able to:

  • Change case status (Open, In-progress, Close, etc)
  • Assign cases to users
  • Add notes to cases

Workflow+ User

Workflow+ users are able to access everything that workflow users can access. In addition, workflow+ users  can access the NPS SWOT report under Account Success section.


Users are able able to access everything that Workflow + Users can access. They can also access:

  • Customer data search and export functions
  • Reporting

Admin User

Admin users are able to access everything that Users can access. In addition they can perform administrative functions including:

  • Adding, editing and removing users from the system
  • Building and maintaining surveys campaigns
  • Configuring the Digital Signage
  • Editing the system security settings including white-listing IP addresses
  • Viewing data upload success statistics
  • Setting up and editing Reports with the Report Hub
  • Uploading data manually and maintaining any CRM integrations

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