Standard User Role

The Standard Users Roles available in CustomerGauge are as follow.
  • Admin
  • User
  • Workflow User (Front-Line)
  • Workflow+ User (Front-Line Manager)

User Role and Main Menu Permission

Below is a table that outlines the main menu sections that the different user types have access to. Each menu section has sub-menu sections with different functionalities that the user can access.

Workflow +


Close the LoopClose the LoopClose the Loop
Close the Loop
Report HubReport Hub--
DataData (Export)--
My ProfileMy ProfileMy ProfileMy Profile

*if Favorites were enabled for the role by the Admin

User Role Explained

Workflow User (Front-line User)

The workflow user has access to the Close the Loop aspects of the CustomerGauge system. They are able to:

  • Track Cases
  • Change case status (Open, In-progress, Close, etc)
  • Assign cases to users
  • Add notes to cases
  • Search

Workflow+ User (Front-line Manager)

The workflow+ user has access to the dashboard required to have an overview of the program in addition to be able to access everything that workflow users can access. 


Users are able to access everything that Workflow + Users can access, plus :

  • Export
  • Reporting
  • OPTIONAL - Setting up and editing Reports with the Report Hub

Admin User

Admin users are able to access everything that Users can access. In addition they can perform administrative functions including:

  • Adding, editing and removing users from the system
  • Building and maintaining surveys campaigns
  • Building and maintaining Workflow Rules
  • Setting up and editing Reports with the Report Hub
  • Uploading Data via the application
  • Uploading Data manually and maintaining any integrations
  • Editing the system security settings including API IP whitelisting address

Other functionalities that can be activated for each role

  • Personal Dashboards
  • Favorite Reports
  • Show Survey link in the Reports