CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.64 - Released 12 June 2024

 New Monetize Suite 5.0

  • New Monetize Suite 5.0 is designed for next level Monetized CX programs!

    • What does this suite allow customer programs to achieve?

      • Track the Revenue Coverage their program has and set targets to increase - we recommend 80% coverage!

      • Know the overall health of their accounts and design close the loop action plans.

      • Perform strategic Root cause analysis based on revenue - what are the biggest pain points for your high revenue customers?

      • Validate if your program is making a difference - Are you Safe customers increasing and At-risk customers decreasing both from a Loyalty and Revenue standpoint

      • Simulate potential Value growth if you reduce your At-Risk accounts and Increase your Safe Accounts?

    • How is it powered?

      • Seamless Revenue Import: Our new Revenue 5.0 Import method is simplified in functionality, user-friendly, letting you update or add large volumes of new revenue line items (up to 50K at  time!) with ease. See what is different between Revenue 4.0 & Revenue 5.0.

      • Account Alias Flexibility: No more hassle with mismatched account names. Add aliases and upload data directly from your revenue system without any fuss.

      • Deeper insights with 8 New Reporting Widgets:

        • Coverage % Widget: Make sure your surveys are hitting all your accounts and revenue coverage targets effortlessly.

        • Account % Widget: Keep track of which accounts or revenue percentages are responding to your surveys for better engagement.

        • Account Health Widget: Instantly see if your accounts and revenue are Safe, At Risk, or Unknown—stay in the know!

        • Account List Widget: View all your accounts in one place with key metrics like Revenue, NPS, and Responses.

        • Driver Value Widget: See the real impact of different drivers on your revenue in a snap.

        • Value Simulator Widget: Find out the financial impact of changes in NPS—know what it means for your earnings.

        • NPS Lifecycle Widget: Segment Accounts by their responses and responses. Use the 80/20 Rule to see which customers bring in the most revenue.

        • Loyalty Movement Widget: Track how your accounts move between Safe, At Risk, and Unknown over different survey periods—stay on top of loyalty trends. Coming in the next release!

                    Note - Monetize 5.0 there is an all new suite that is powered by the new Revenue Import 5.0 and New Reporting widgets in the Monetize NPS 5.0 bucket. 

                    Click here to read the difference between Monetize 4.0 & Monetize 5.0 and how you can start to leverage the Monetize 5.0.

2 Feature Improvements

  • Salesforce Integration 5.0

    • The Flag History has been extended to show which records failed to be flagged, and their reason.

  • Imports

    • The upload data type selection screen now has info icons for each data type, clicking them redirects to their respective section in the documentation page.

4 Feature Fixes

  • Survey Suite

    • Solved an issue where selecting ‘No’ on the Follow-up question would be registered as ‘Not Selected’. Any incorrect data for the past 180 days will be amended.

  • Outgoing Webhooks

    • Solved an issue where the backslash character caused the Webhook body content not to be generated.

  • Import Mapping

    • Solved an issue where the slash and backslash characters in the mapping name caused the sample file download to fail.

  • Campaign Suite

    • Solved an issue where surveys would stay stuck in queue status for Mexico time zone due to a daylight saving time conflict.