CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.54 - Released 24 January 2024

4 New Features

  • New in Workflow Rules

    • Workflow Rules can now be owned by an Admin, making it easier to spot who owns certain rules, as well as avoiding accidental edits to other business units' rules. The owner of a Workflow Rule, as well as System Admins can change the owner to another Admin user. Only System Admins can change the Priority of Workflow Rules and also edit or deactivate the rule if there is no owner.

  • New in Campaign Suite

    • The Campaign Suite interface has been re-worked: each delivery type has its own space in the Campaign Type menu now.

    • The Number Order merge tag is now available to be used in your email templates.

  • New in Rest APIs

    • The PUT Close the Loop API now supports assignee updates. The assignee parameter is optional and the value must be a valid email address of an active user.

Feature Improvements

  • Survey Suite

    • Actions menu has been improved so navigation became more user-friendly

  • PUT Close the Loop API

    • This API now has no restrictions on status updates. A case can be updated to Open, Progress or Closed from any status.

  • Webhooks

    • Added support for the interpunct character which is commonly used in japanese.

    • Updated Incoming Webhooks table labels to be consistent with Outgoing Webhooks.

    • The Stats column in Outgoing Webhooks is now called History and the icon has been updated to be in line with this change.

5 Feature Fixes

  • Questions

    • Questions history is now saved in the system in order to prevent accidental merging and data breaking.

  • Workflow Rules

    • Solved an issue where filters were not rendering while editing the rule.

    • Solved an issue where dragging and dropping while changing priorities didn't work

  • System Admin

    • Solved a small issue where changing page size in Manage Survey Records didn't work.

  • Outgoing Webhooks

    • Solved an issue where line breaks added in the Comments merge tag populated from Survey Suite surveys broke the JSON format. Line breaks are now populated as \n in the merge tag.