CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.29 - Released 11 January 2023

2 New Features

  • Contact Page: Unsubscribes & Bounces

    • This new feature allows you to manage bounces and unsubscribes directly from the contact page. For more information, visit the support page.

  • APIs

    • New GET Close the Loop API: This new API provides Close the Loop information and supports a few optional parameters. For more information, visit the support page.

13 Feature Improvements

  • UI/UX

    • Survey Record Page: Fixed alignment of icons in the contact’s information panel.

    • Solved an issue where the actions button would be hidden behind the main menu in lower resolutions.

    • Filters: Segments 1-5 were removed from the list of filters in features that do not support them as a filter.

    • Pop-up Surveys: Several UI/UX improvements to the Edit Branding screen.

    • Workflow Rules History: Page size increased to 50.

    • Workflow Rules History: Improved message when a record is not found.

    • Removed icons from primary and secondary buttons across the system to be more consistent with newer features.

    • Added information icon to the Earned % widget redirecting to its support page.

  • Pop-up Surveys

    • Introduced the ability to adjust footers.

    • Introduced the ability to edit which languages are available.

  • Imports

    • Imports are now supported by access restrictions. Only owners and admins with global permissions are allowed to edit import configurations and drill down on failed records.

  • Campaigns

    • Personal Links campaigns can now be filtered by Division.

    • Personal Links records from now on will have the Sent Date set to the date that the record was processed. 

6 Feature Fixes

  • Survey Record Page

    • Solved an issue where the Close the Loop widget would list Connected Apps as assignable users.

  • Surveys

    • Solved an issue where comments which contained emojis would not display some of the emojis left.

  • Widgets

    • Additional Comments: Solved an issue where accented characters were shown encoded.

    • Non Responses: Solved an issue where the exported file had blank headers for custom fields.

  • Campaigns

    • Personal Links: Solved an issue where creating an inactive campaign would assign a priority number to the inactive campaign.

  • User Manager

    • Solved an issue where an activation email was being sent when creating a deactivated user.