CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.19 - Released 10 August 2022

2 New Features

  • System Admin

    • Delete Survey Records

      • You are now able to clean up unwanted survey records from your system with this new feature. Navigate to Data Administration > Delete Survey Records, to try it out.
        For more information, visit the support article.

    • Survey Questions

      • You are now able to merge the following question types: Additional Comment and Input Box.
        For more information, visit the support article.

6 Feature Improvements

  • Workflow Rules

    • New Merge Tag: Order Number - This Merge Tag allows you to add the Order Number of the record to your workflow templates.

  • UI/UX

    • Text alignment in Report Hub.

    • Removal of filters that were not applicable to Report Settings and On-the-fly filters from their respective filter list.

    • Updated the “Edit Widget” button when editing a widget to “Apply Changes”

    • Updated the “Drivers to display” setting values on Drivers Loyalty widget to be consistent with other drivers widgets.

    • Removed a “]” character alongside Page size in the Drivers Table widget.

3 Feature Fixes

  • System Admin

    • Survey Questions - Solved an issue where the Survey Name column would not be populated for the default survey in newly created systems.

  • Data Transport

    • Solved an issue where page size was not working when drilling down on Reminder Delivered.

  • Tag Widgets

    • Solved an issue where the source tag was still being counted after being merged into another tag in case both source tag and destination tag belonged to the same record.