CustomerGauge Release Notes v5.17 - Released 13 July 2022

3 New Features

  • CustomerGauge for Salesforce App

    • We are excited to announce the launch of our CustomerGauge for Salesforce App that is designed to put real-time VOC insights in your CRM so team's can take proactive action that tackles account churn, drives referral and up-sell revenue growth. Contact your Account Manager to leverage this for your organization.

  • New Reporting Widget

    • Topics by Sentiment: 

      • Use this widget to view the sentiment breakdown of the topics for the comments analyzed based on Sentiment Analysis. The Sentiment displayed are Positive, Negative, Mixed and Neutral Sentiment.

      • This widget supports the IS/IS NOT Filter criteria, Global Data Access and Export.

      • For more information, visit the support page.

  • New Platform Language

    • CustomerGauge has now added Italian as a supported platform language. 

    • You are able to choose this language by navigating to My Profile and under the Preferences card, change the language to Italian. You will need to login again to be able to see the changes.

4 Feature Improvements

  • Recommended Reports

    • B2B Benchmarks: This report has been updated with the latest Benchmark data [July 2021 - June 2022].

  • Reporting Widget

    • Tags Table: This widget now has the Data Access Restriction (Global data) setting.

    • Tags Summary: This widget now has the ability to be drilled down on all metrics and export all its data.

      • This widget has had its widget gallery image updated.

    • Additional Score Table: Changed the average score calculation to only count responses that selected a score.


3 Feature Fixes

  • Delivery Manager

    • Solved an issue where WhatsApp campaigns were appearing in the Delivery Manager.

  • Data Transport Widgets

    • Solved an issue where Data Transport widgets delivery method was not updated for a few users, which returned a “The selected destination is invalid” error.

  • Usage Report

    • Solved an issue where SMS Usage widget stopped updating the record when a reminder was sent.