CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.82 - Released 10 February 2021

1 New Feature

  • Fully EU-region survey email sending:

    • Released a new offering that allows you to send your survey invitation emails and some manual emails using Amazon AWS SES (rather than our system default of SendGrid). More information here. Please open a support ticket if you’d like more information and/or would like this feature activated.

2 Feature Improvements

  • Email sending:

    • Updated our DMARC records to improve email deliverability and reputation across the board for all types of emails.

  • Integrations:

    • Made the distinction between integrating with the Sandbox version and Enterprise version of Salesforce more clear in our Integrations UI.

6 Feature Fixes

  • Revenue Upload:

    • Files of more than 2000 records/rows will not be allowed anymore, to ensure timely processing.

  • Login Page:

    • Fixed an issue where the “Remember Me” option would not remember your username upon subsequent visits to the login page.

  • Support Button:

    • Fixed an issue where our red support button in the platform wouldn’t load.

  • Reporting:

    • Fixed an issue with pagination on our close loop, responses, and NPS widget drill-downs.

    • Fixed an issue with exports from some widgets not working as expected

    • Fixed an issue where some users were seeing exports performed by other users in their personal export history list.