Our current primary 3rd-party partner for sending out survey invitation emails (as well as any other emails that get sent from the CustomerGauge platform – see full list below) is SendGrid. Currently some parts of the SendGrid infrastructure (as at Feb 2021) are in the US geography. As an alternative, we have a secondary sender infrastructure based on the Amazon AWS SES which is wholly in the the EU region. This maybe used as an option to send out your survey invitation emails (primary and reminder) and some manual emails. 

This option applies to surveys that are sent out in accordance with your configuration in Setup --> Delivery Manager, in combination with a transactional survey data upload (be that via API, integration, or spreadsheet/csv upload). A full breakdown of all the emails that CustomerGauge can send and whether or not they can be sent via SES is shown below.

Full list of emails that can be sent via CustomerGauge:

Email/Campaign Sending:

FunctionalitySendGridAWS SES
Automated survey invitation emails (primary and reminder)YesYes
Time gate feature (send emails only between X o'clock and Y o'clock)YesYes
Interval feature (send emails X days after uploading data)YesYes
Duplication rule check feature (only send 1 new survey invite to the same email address within a period of X days)YesYes

Send from a custom email domainYes-
Manual campaign emailsYesYes
Pre-survey invitesYesYes
Manual survey invitesYesYes
Manual survey remindersYesYes
General manual emails (thank you, etc.)YesYes

Preview email function "Send Test Email" - just for seeing the look & feel of the email by sending it to your own inbox or a colleague's inbox. These emails have no customer data, and would never be sent to a customer.Yes-