CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.71 - Released 26 August 2020

My Cases widget

  • This widget shows all the cases that are currently assigned to you. For more information, check about it here.

Close the Loop Speed

  • This widget shows you the average time to Follow-Up on to Close overtime and compare against your relevant segments. For more information, check about it here.

Assigned Cases Table

  • This widget shows a list of all cases assigned to all users, grouped by the status. The first row of this widget is always the cases that does not have an Assignee. For more information, check about it here.

Account Reporting

  • The revenue widgets on the Account Page now carry the revenue dates from the widget you drilled down from.

  • Solved an issue where the Close the Loop widget was not being filtered on the Account Page

Close the Loop Reporting

  • Released some improvements on the new Close the Loop Table and Column Chart. The widget now shows more metrics to order by and the default values like page size.

Customer Details Page

  • Solved an issue where the Comment & Translation section would be empty when accessing through a Survey Response alert.

  • The Assignee drop-down in the Close the Loop section no longer displays Connected Apps.


  • Solved an issue where the menu was inaccessible on the My Profile page.

File Upload

  • The CSV Delimiter of your platform now gets displayed in the Manual Upload option. Additionally, the default CSV Delimiter has been made consistent across, eliminating confusion.