CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.69 - Released 29 July 2020

B2B Benchmarks now available in your system

  • CustomerGauge has launched its new B2B benchmarks report that allows you to view key benchmark metrics against your own data inside your system. This standard report is now available for both User and Admin level roles. It can be found in the By CustomerGauge Report Section. Login to view!

Upcoming for Beta: SugarCRM

An all-new survey integration to link up your SugarCRM system is ready for beta!

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or our Product Team ( if you’re interested in signing up for our beta program!

Close the Loop widgets

  • The new Close the Loop widgets (Table, Trend, Rate, Column) now carry the ability to filter by Loyalty and KPI information, as well as the “is not” filter.

Workflow Manager

  • Solved an issue where users logged in through SSO were unable to access the Workflow Manager.

CustomerGauge Reviews

  • The Review site has been upgraded with a new look. The NPS information is no longer visible on the website.


  • Solved an issue in the Data Transport → Line Chart metrics options were disabled.

API Suite

  • Solved an issue in our PUT Transactional APIs where an apostrophe would display a backslash character in front of it.

User Manager

  • Allowed users to be filtered by "creation source" (i.e., whether they were created via SSO or created via the platform, or "all")
  • Prevented Admins from initiating password resets for users created by SSO, as password resets and deletions are handled from the IDP side
  • Modified the pop-up for deleting a non-SSO user to be more consistent with our other "delete" pop-ups across the platform