CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.59 to v4.60 - Released March 2020

Workflow Beta

  • Expanded the Condition fields and Merge Tags to cover Country, Area, Job Level, and “Segments A to Z”.

  • You can now set up multiple conditions in the same rule.

  • Activating and Deactivating rules has now also been introduced, allowing you to prepare rules prior to training your teams.

  • You can now use any of the Merge Tags in the Recipient List, allowing you to notify dynamic recipients, in addition to static recipients

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you’re interested in this!

Account Search

We’re really excited to tell you you can now search for accounts, straight from the top of the page! Read more about this here...

Delivery Manager

  • Campaign statistics for Automated Campaigns now directs straight to the Data Transport Report 

Scheduled Email Reports

  • PDF and PNG formats now show the View in Application button at the top of the email

User Manager

  • A success message will now be displayed upon creating a user

  • Introduced a Deleted bucket where you can see all your users that have been deleted

  • Improved speed on page load when the page size is set to 500

Data Transport

  • Error status “Code 308 was not found” now gets correctly displayed as “Malformed UTF-8”.

  • Data transport now shows the time from a user’s Profile Timezone, rather than UTC.

Unsubscribes & Bounces

  • Added the info icon to link to the support site on the top of the report