There are two ways to search for records in your CustomerGauge system: 

  • Basic Search option, at the top right corner of the page
  • Advanced Search option in the main menu under the heading Customer


The Basic Search functionality gives you the possibility to search for Responses (completed survey records) and Non-Responses (records that received but did not complete a survey).

The List of Fields that you can search on in the Basic Search are:

  • Number CustomerGauge
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Company
  • Order Number
  • Customer Number

Note: The basic search allows you to do a quick "Starts with" search. That means that results will be found if any of the basic search fields start with your search term.


If you want to search for specific information go to Customer Advanced Search 


The Advanced Search option offers a much broader range of Search fields, including CustomerGauge number, email address, order date range, and more. This option is therefore suitable if you are looking for a very specific record or set of records. 

Beware that the Date Range you use will influence your search results - only records matching the date range will be displayed there.

1. + Add filter: Click to add the filters that you want to run on your search, you can add as many filters as you have fields

2. Source: Here you can choose the source of records between Responses, Non-Responses, or both

3. Fields: Select on which field you want to search, you can add more using the + Add filter. The fields options is based on your system set up so some names may differ

4. Conditions: You can choose between 4 conditions:

  • Equals: it will search for records that match the exact values that you type
  • Contains: it will search for records that contains the values in any part of them
  • Starts with: it will search for records that starts with the values that you type
  • Ends with: it will search for records that ends with the values that you type

5. Search values: Put in the values of that field you wish to filter

6. Operator: There are two options here - either all of the fields have to match, or any of the fields have to match. For example: if you search for Country=NL, Product=CustomerGauge, and you use the criteria "matching all criteria" you would only get results that have Country=NL AND Product=CustomerGauge. If you use "match any criteria" you will get the results that have Country=NL, Product=CustomerGauge, or records that have both

7. Apply Settings: It will apply all search criteria

8. Undo my changes: You can erase all filters that you applied and go back to the default