CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.42 - Released 12 June 2019

What's new in the product?

Delivery Manager

[CGS-5316] - Added info icon on Template Editor, allowing for quick access to our recently released Inspiration Center for Templates


[CGS-5375] - Section headers in On-the-fly Settings are now styled consistently

From the Community

Personalized Dashboards

[CGS-5302]  - Introduced the ability for users to personalize their very own  dashboard! Read more about this exciting feature in our blog post!

Filter by Loyalty

[CGS-3737]  - The Tags widgets "Sentiment Breakdown", "Summary", and "Table" are  now equipped with a NPS Loyalty filter, making it ever easier to find  out which sentiment your Promoters, Passives, and Detractors carry!

[CGS-4745]  - The Reviews widgets "Summary" and "Table" have also been equipped  with a NPS Loyalty filter, allowing you to quickly see which detractors  left a review!

Product Improvements

Customer Details Page

[CGS-5373] - Drivers show regardless of system language

[CGS-5148] - Made several improvements to improve the screen real estate on the Customer Details Page