CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.27.1 - Released 2 Oct 2018

Release Notes: v4.27.1 Released 2 October 2018


[CGS-3742][CGS-4039][CGS-4053][CGS-4253][CGS-4270] Release of multi-brand, multi-language Reviews!

Read more about this exciting feature in these two articles;

[CGS-4121] Released Retention Suite: Churn & Won/Lost reporting widgets


[CGS-4271]  Fixed an issue where the Drivers Table widget would show no data for  "choose individual primary driver", even if the driver had valid  secondary driver data underneath

[CGS-4262] Made an improvement to SSO functionality for OKTA

[CGS-4287] Solved an issue where the Lifecycle widget wouldn't display correctly in dispatched reports