The API Playground allows you to explore our APIs right from the Rest API Suite. You are able to send requests to our GET APIs and also have access to a cURL request matching the values you provide.


Choose the API in which you want to send requests to. Currently you are able to select the GET Responses, GET Non-Responses and GET Close the Loop APIs.

cURL Request

This field shows a cURL request taking into consideration all parameters and values that you have used to make your request. It can be easily copied and updates instantly.

Parameters and Values

ParameterDescriptionRulesURL Example
With (Selected Drivers)
Returns the reasons for the NPS Score.-with[]=selected_drivers
With (Tags)
Returns Manual Tags and Text Analytics Topics with sentiment.
With (Questions)
Returns additional questions, CES, CSAT and Rating questions and their answers.
With (Properties)
Returns segment information about the Survey Record.
Per PageDefines the amount of responses returned per page.Number from 1 to 1000.per_page=100
CursorParameter value returned from the API to navigate pages. The cursor is an integer.Value is returned from the API.cursor=123
FilterFilters the data using the Outbound filter setup.Value is the reference provided in Outbound filter setup.filter=147b3662-cd7e-490c-b865-9be3480ca2fd
Date typeSpecifies the date type which will be returned.Values: date_creation; date_order; date_sent; date_survey_response.period[field]=date_creation
Start dateDefines the period start date.yyyy-mm-dd format.period[start]=2023-01-05
End dateDefines the period end date.yyyy-mm-dd format.period[end]=2023-01-25
CG IDFilters a specific CGID.Numbersnumber_customergauge=45778


After sending a request the API will send back a response in JSON format based on all parameters and values provided. You are able to see the API's response in this section of the page.