Currently, uploading a file using the Multi-Object Import type will automatically populate (Copy) Account and Contact data that already existed in your CustomerGauge Database into the corresponding fields that were not provided in your upload file for the survey record.

From 16 November 2022 the Multi-Object Import type will no longer behave that way, read below to understand if the changes will impact you and how you can prepare.

How to know if this impacts you

When using the Multi-Object Import type do you upload files containing all the data for the Accounts and Contacts fields?

If the answer is yes, this change would not affect you, since you are already sending the data through your file.

When using the Multi-Object Import type do you leave fields like Account Manager, First Name or Job Level blank because you have already uploaded that data in the past?

If the answer is yes, this change will impact you but you can easily prepare following the instructions on the next section.

To check what are your CustomerGauge system's Account and Contact fields go to System Admin → System Settings → Field Settings.

How to prepare for the change:

Option 1 - Keep using Multi-Object Import: If the changes are going to impact you and you still want to use the Multi-Object Import type and see all the Account and Contact information of a record, you will need to add all that data into your upload file.

Option 2 - Use Surveys Import type as alternative: This import type allows the sending of surveys using information that already exists in your CustomerGauge system. You are able to send surveys using a contact reference (Email or Phone) and the system will automatically fill in all information already existing in the Database. For more information, visit the support page.

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