The wait is over! The New Survey Record Page and Contact Page is being released on 08 September 2022!

The below article carries all the information you will need to be aware about the upcoming Customer Details Page change. 

Here you can get information on:

  • The Contact Page and New Survey Record 
  • The functionality that is added based on customer feedback

Which page in CG will be replaced?

The below Customer Details Page will be replaced with two new pages -

  • Contact Page which will carry the contact details and customer survey history
  • Survey Record Page which will address a single survey record.

What does the New "Contact Page" Offer?

This is a new page in CustomerGauge. 

The Contact Page which will carry 

  • Contact Details, 
  • Customer Survey History
  • All responses from this contact with the ability to navigate to a specific survey response.
  • Sending History 

Click on the name of the Contact to navigate to the Contact Page.


What does the New "Survey Record Page" Offer?

The below is the list of page sections and sub-sections that the new record page carries:


1) Response Details Section

This section carries all the information about the response of the survey record

  • Quick Summary of Record
  • Comment
  • Comment translations
  • Text and Sentiment Analysis
  • Tags
  • Drivers
  • Additional survey responses
  • Reviews

2) Survey Overview Section

This section carries the following information about the survey overview for this survey record.

  • Survey Activity Timeline
  • Survey Record Information (All the information about the survey respondent)
  • Campaign Details (Information about the Email and Survey Campaign sent to this respondent)
  • Ability to edit the survey record segment information by all Admins 

3) Close Loop Section 

In this section users can close the loop and view the action history information for this survey record.

  • Time to follow-up
  • Close the Loop Status
  • Close the loop History