CustomerGauge offers many different ways of getting data in and out of your platform in an automated fashion. Next to our out-of-the-box integrations with other popular applications, we also have our API Suite and Webhooks systems to cover every other need.

Getting data into CustomerGauge

IntentWhat to use
Synchronise AccountsPUT Records (Account) API - to create or update Accounts in CustomerGauge.
Synchronise ContactsPUT Records (Contact) API - to create or update Contacts in CustomerGauge.
Send SurveysPUT Records (Multi-Object) API - to send a survey, while creating/updating Accounts and Contacts in CustomerGauge.

PUT Records (Survey) API - to send a survey for Accounts and Contacts already present in CustomerGauge.
Synchronise ActivitiesPUT Activities - to create or update vital business activities between you and your accounts to identify signals of churn.

Getting data out of CustomerGauge

IntentWhat to use
Receive Survey Response in real-time in another systemOutgoing Webhooks
Pull Responses into another system in bulk
GET Responses
Pull multiple Non-Responses into another systemGET Non-Response

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