Admins can now add additional Segment information to be shown on drill down table views of reporting widgets. This will helps ensure your users are being presented with most relevant information needed for action!

The How to Guide:

Step 1: Verify if you have access to this feature. It is only available for GLOBAL ADMINS.

Step 2: On the menu, go to Settings  System Admin  System Settings → Reports → Favorite Segments 

Step 3: You can add up to 5 segments to this list. Simply click on the "+Add Segment" button to see the list of your available segments, once you've chosen they will show up in your list.

Step 4: You can reorder the segments, the fields will show up in the drill downs in the order you choose here. You can also delete a segment by clicking on the trash icon if you don't want that segment to show up anymore.

Step 5: All the changes are automatically saved. You can already check on the widgets!

Please note that it is currently applicable on specific drill downs and the Non Response widget. 

  • All Responses widgets drill downs
  • All Close the Loop widgets drill downs
  • NPS Summary drill down
  • NPS Trend drill down
  • NPS Table drill down
  • NPS Combo Chart drill down