When it comes to automated data flows and networks it sometimes happens that things don't always go according to plan. This article will help you identify what to do in certain situations that you may run into.

Diagnosing errors during Pull

In order to start diagnosing any errors that may have occurred during the Pull process, click on the Stats  icon of the relevant Integration instance. This will show you the "Execution History" for this Integration.

Execution History

The Execution History lists every Pull execution that occurred for the Integration drilled down upon. Each Pull can consist of a maximum of 5 files. If a pull was successful, the Message column will be empty for that pull - if not, the Message will indicate what went wrong.

Message: "The provider returned an empty list of records."

CustomerGauge reached out to SugarCRM and requested a data set based on the filters set up, but SugarCRM did not find any records on their side matching these filters. This usually happens if no change happened to any record in the object matching the filters since the last successful Pull attempt (no records found is considered successful).

Drilling down to Files

Clicking on the Files button will list all the files that have been generated as part of the Pull. Each batch of up to 5,000 records generates a file that is then processed using our Imports process. As such, you can refer to the Diagnosing Upload Failures section in the Imports support article.

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