Navigating to the Integrations page

You can find the Integrations page in the menu on the left-hand side, under "Data".

Navigating the Integrations Page

  1. You can navigate between the various Integrations-related features using the tabs at the top.
    Integrations: Here you'll be able to set up rich integrations between a selection of systems, and CustomerGauge, to set up automated data flow between both systems.

  2. In the Integration Type section you can access the Integration instances set up in your CustomerGauge platform for each available provider. Please note that some of these options will take you to an older interface design.

  3. In this section you'll be able to identify the various Integration instances set up for the selected provider.
    Name: This is the name given by the creator of the Integration instance.
    Type: This is the SugarCRM object chosen to pull data from.
    Authentication: This is the Authentication instance used in the Integration instance.

  4. On the right-hand side of the table you can find the available Actions you can commit.
    Edit: Click the Edit button to make adjustments to an existing Integration.
    Delete: Click the Delete button to permanently remove an Integration. A pop-up will prompt confirmation. Please note that confirming deletion will remove the Integration, and its Stats will no longer be accessible.
    Stats: Click the Stats button to diagnose any errors that may have occurred.

  5. Click the New Integration Button to start setting up a new Integration instance.

  6. Click the Authentications button to navigate to the Authentications set up in your CustomerGauge platform, or create a new Authentication instance.

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